Play Hard - Play Fair - Have Fun - Make Friends
Emo, ON

Our Philosophy:  To continue the development of all players by having them compete at a their own level. There will be an emphasis on passing and team play. It is also to give all players an opportunity to play with and against other players in our surrounding communities  from the U.S and Canada. At the end of the day, we hope friendships can be made and that everyone has FUN!

1. Most of the games will be played on Saturday afternoons.

2. Games will vary in length depending on how many teams will be playing on a particular day. They will range from 24 min to 33 min. straight time. There will be a quick warm-up and 2 minutes at the end of the game for shoutout ( penalties). 

3. Buzzer Substitutions will be used. Upon hearing the substitute buzzer, players  on the ice will be required to leave the puck where it lays on the ice and get to their bench ASAP. At this time  bench players will enter the ice surface upon hearing the buzzer. Doors are to be completely closed until the buzzer sounds. Buzzer will sound every 90 seconds.

4. After every goal is scored, the team that just scored must retreat over the red line before attacking. When a goaltender covers the puck, the opposing team must retreat to the closest blue line.

** It is a good strategy for teams that had just  been scored  on to regroup quickly and breakout of the zone quickly before them opposing team fore-checks. 

5. If the team that just scored does not have all their players clear the red line or blue line, a penalty shot will be given to the other team, this will be taken at the end of the game.

6. Icing will not be called. Blue line off sides  will be called; the team that went off side must retreat to the red line.

7. All penalties will result in a penalty shot. This will be taken at the end of the game. Players will be randomly selected by the coaches.

8. All calls made by the referee are final. 

9. Absolutely NO BODY CHECKING. This may result in an automatic ejection of the game(s) / leaque.

10. If a player gets injured where the game is stopped and the coach comes onto th ice or the player requires help to the bench, that player will sit out the following shift and will only go back and play with the permission following an physical assessment of the bench coach.

10. Any inapropriate lanquage and comments WILL NOT be tolerated. Player will be warned and then asked to leave. This also include what happens in the changing rooms.